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Using a team approach to providing personal and business financial planning services. Planning Strategies Group brings together a vast network of professionals such as; accountants, lawyers, insurance agents, and investment advisors to provide in-depth analysis of your complete needs. Planning Strategies Group additionally networks with other specialists in many areas allowing us to provide a comprehensive overview of your financial picture.



To provide independent integrated financial planning services to the individual, professional and business owner.

To provide the necessary products that enables the client to achieve their goals and objectives

To keep clients informed of the various tax-sheltering, retirement planning and investment options available in today's
constantly changing financial environment

To address the client's financial concerns in the three critical areas minimizing taxes, increasing cash flow, and increasing net worth

To pool the talents of specialists in areas such as Tax, Insurance, Law, Finance, Investment and Business Management to provide a one-stop financial service network and provide value added services to existing product lines

To provide financial planning services to other professional organizations such as Accounting Firms, Legal Firms, General Insurance Firms thus providing them with the expertise necessary to service their clients. Provide the support network that will supply all the essential products, services and tools required by professionals in financial planning situations so that they may best service their client needs.